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About Us.......

We are the Original North Coast Bone Density & Breast Care Centre, registered and Trademarked with CIPC. We are situated in Medigate Medical Centre, Medigate Road, behind the umhlanga Netcare Hospital and we specialize in Digital Mammograms and Bone Density scans.


We are passionate about educating our community on the importance of breast self examination, breast screening and breast care as well as the importance of maintaining good bone health. 

We believe that an annual mammogram can be a life-saving procedure and encourage all women over the age of 40 to schedule their appointments regularly.

We offer a range of advanced breast and bone imaging services for early detection and diagnosis of cancers and related diseases.

Our professional fully female team of board-certified Radiologists and Radiographers are highly trained in the field of Diagnostic Imaging

Our Team of fully female staff are on board to assist with any questions or concerns, or to schedule your annual mammogram.


Try Us.....

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North Coast Bone Density and Breast Care Centre             CALL  087 701 1327

   We are Situated just Behind the Umhlanga Netcare Hospital                                 087 700  9501

   On Medigate Road suite 7                                            

                                                                                        Whatsapp 084 445 5061 

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