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High Resolution Breast Ultrasound

including Pregnancy Scans, abdomen scans, extremities, musculoskeletal scans 

What is a breast ultrasound? An ultrasound is a non-radiation diagnostic tool using a transductor that emits high frequency soundwaves [10 -13MHz].


The transductor is moved over the surface of the breast and picks up echoes that create a defined picture of the breast anatomy, especially ductal structures.

Does a breast ultrasound hurt? No, an ultrasound is a completely painless procedure


High resolution breast ultrasounds use the latest in digital sound wave imaging technology to produce detailed images of irregularities in the breast tissue.


  • They are fast are often used to supplement the information obtained from a mammogram to provide a holistic understanding of the breast.

  • Ultrasounds are a good choice for assessing lumps in women younger than 35 years to determine the nature of the abnormality.

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